About Us

The Waterloo Natural History Association is a non-profit organization which was established in 1981. Its purpose is to provide both educational and recreational opportunities to people visiting the Waterloo Recreation Area. The Association is composed of concerned citizens who want to support environmental education and help promote the area as a valuable community resource. In order to achieve these goals we depend on your support through donations, memberships and volunteer help. All donations over $5.00 are 501c3 charitable donations and are tax deductible.

The WNHA and the Parks Division of the Department of Natural Resources have a unique partnership. As a support organization for the Waterloo Recreation Area the WNHA sponsors projects and provides services which supplement and complement those offered by the DNR. Interpretive programs are presented by WNHA staff throughout the Waterloo Rec. Area, at campgrounds, Outdoor Centers and at the Gerald E. Eddy Discovery Center. Programs covering ecological topics, the local flora and fauna, and history of the area are presented to school groups, organizations and the general public. In addition, the WNHA sponsors special events which include a Maple Sugar Festival in the spring and Sandhill Crane Celebration in the fall. Whether you explore the dark, tangled recesses of the black-spruce bog, or enjoy listening to the chorusing of woodland frogs, the Waterloo Natural History Association will help you discover the natural environment of the Waterloo Recreation Area.

The Gerald E. Eddy Discovery Center is located and 17030 Bush Road about three miles west of downtown Chelsea. A recreation passport for your vehicle is required for entry. If you didn’t get one when you registered your vehicle with the Secretary of State, they are available at the Discovery Center. The cost is $11.00 and provides unlimited access to any Michigan State Park for an entire year. For contact information and directions, click the Contact navigation link above.

Seasonal WNHA-Sponsored Displays

Giant Silk Moth Life Cycle Display

During the spring and summer, WNHA maintained a living display of moths in the caterpillar stage at the Discovery Center

Monarch Butterfly Exhibit

The WNHA also sponsored a living exhibit of the monarch butterfly.

Observational Beehive Display

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a beehive looks like? Come to the Discovery Center and see an indoor living beehive.


An antlion is the larvae of a delicate flying insect. Not much is known about the adult stage, but its ferocious ant-eating larvae is famous for its hunting methods.